Facebook Depression … Real or Fake?

I, as I write this blog, am reading an article published by Psychology Today. The topic: Facebook depression. Now, it's not just Facebook for some other people. For some folks, it could probably just as easily be Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter or YouTube that could be getting deep into your feelings. Disconnecting is not always easy. … Continue reading Facebook Depression … Real or Fake?

Don’t Go Hashtag Crazy … Seriously

Some of us social media nerds (I use that term with all due affection) watch everything in our industry, carefully. Among all that we carefully observe is hashtag usage. One of the main errors users frequently make, with hashtags, is obnoxious overuse. Another major error is usage that demonstrates little to no rhyme or reason, … Continue reading Don’t Go Hashtag Crazy … Seriously

Where is Your Audience Coming From? Check Referral Traffic

When I am studying analytics, to gain greater insight about my audience, one item stands out is referral traffic. First and foremost, make sure your brand is attached to your website and, if applicable, your printed brochures. Your website, even if just in the footer, should contain links and icons to your social media accounts. … Continue reading Where is Your Audience Coming From? Check Referral Traffic

Get in Front of the Crisis, Anticipate

This will be a quick blog about crisis communications. Too many times, in crisis situations, I see people who get that first indication of the crisis, and don't anticipate the obvious questions the media will ask. In many cases, this takes an experienced professional to walk you through all (or as many as possible) of … Continue reading Get in Front of the Crisis, Anticipate

Football Season is Here, Soon I’ll Be on Air, Social Media, Everywhere

College football is officially back. There's no shortage of big games on this first major Saturday of the season. I've been a college football fan for as long as I can remember. The last 15 years, I've worked in sports broadcasting: football, men's basketball and women's basketball at Ferris State University. A week from today, … Continue reading Football Season is Here, Soon I’ll Be on Air, Social Media, Everywhere

Video Analysis of Charlottesville Response

I'm a little late posting this video (to the blog) that I posted to the SG3 Communications YouTube channel. I jumped in for in-the-moment analysis of some Twitter responses that we saw during the Charlottesville crisis. I was, of course, coming at this from a public relations perspective. Check out the relatively short video analysis. … Continue reading Video Analysis of Charlottesville Response