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Why Should a Company Invest in PR and Social Media Services?

small--blogAs a small business, we understand the challenges our fellow small business owners face. Making ends meet … that’s no joke. Whether you’re going all in, on your small business, or it’s your side hustle, it’s a challenge.

As a small business owner, you count every dime, nickel and penny. It’s critical. See, that small business is not just a challenge, it’s probably a passion. It all adds up. And, yet, investing in marketing is essential. Marketing is too often overlooked by small businesses with limited dollars to invest. Marketing, however, is a corner you should not cut. Communicating with current customers, while engaging future customers, is critical to sustainability and long-term growth. Business owners must engage customers where they are, where they expect us to be to find them. Think about it: Mobile devices mean we’re always connected on the Internet and via social media. Consider this: How is your business represented on the web and social media? If you’re not pleased, if you have little to no presence, or if you know you have room for growth, it’s time for you to invest.

Marketing can generate leads, leads can produce an increase in sales and sales can lead to business growth. If you’re not doing it, your competitors are gaining an edge.

The truth is: Investing in professional services takes pressure off you, as a business owner, and gives you an integrated strategy that will grow your social media presence and advance your business. This investment gives you a partner dedicated to an area of your growth. An experienced professional comes in, assesses your situation and develops an outcome-based strategy suited to you. All businesses and brands are not alike.

Running a business is a challenge. Now, imagine adding the hours upon hours it would take for you to run, for example, a successful social media plan that opens lines of communication to visitors and turns some visitors into customers. Many business owners are willing to take that chance. But, what is the cost? In many cases, it spreads business owners very thin – burning short candles at both ends.

Enter SG3 Communications. We will put your marketing dollars to work in a way that markets your business with diverse attention-getting content that gets results.

Investing dollars takes pressure off the business owners so they can focus on running their business, on a day-to-day basis. SG3 Communications is ready to run your social media and handle your PR. We will develop a strategy that makes sense, handle the daily operations, and constantly evaluate to make sure we’re on track.

SG3 Communications is in this with you. We’re here to help. We’re here to help you get ahead or stay ahead of the competition.

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