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Integrate YouTube into your Social Media Strategy

youtube-smallI love YouTube. Frankly, I spend many hours watching videos on various topics: commentaries, history, movies and TV shows, music, self-help, entertainment, commentaries and more. YouTube has something for everyone. Truthfully, if I need to fix something around my house, I almost always check YouTube, first. I’ve saved a lot of money doing so.

Remember this: Uploading videos to YouTube is not reserved for larger companies with a dedicated digital media team. Truth be told, you can find ways to produce relevant videos on a shoestring budget. Keep this little secret: You can sometimes produce meaningful videos with your phone. On a consistent basis, however, calling in a professional is the best approach for your video needs.

Take the time to properly brand your YouTube channel to integrate it with your other social media platforms and your website.

Cross-promote to maximize your video’s potential. Too often – far too often – I see brand channels filled with high-quality videos that aren’t being featured on other brand platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. Don’t invest so much time and energy populating your YouTube channel, with good videos, only to let the videos fall victim to limited views/exposure – simply because they have not been pushed.

It is hard work to build a top-notch YouTube channel, one with thousands, to tens of thousands – or even millions of subscribers. But, if you’re willing to be creative and work at it, you can be successful. What you need is an integrated strategy. Let your website and your different social media channels help you be successful.

Do the best you can with what you have.

Consider the following:

  1. Is your video relevant to your audience?
  2. Are you optimizing your videos (playlists, appropriate tags, etc.)? We can show you how.
  3. Are you sharing or embedding your videos on your website and other social media accounts?
  4. Are you studying the analytics of your videos to better understand where your views are coming from?

These are a few thoughts to consider as you maximize the potential of your YouTube channel to best ensure your efforts are not being wasted.

SG3 Communications can help you develop an effective strategy to maximize your efforts.

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